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With the electric vehicle market growing in an unprecedented pace, PCCW Solutions has developed the Smart Parking & Charging solutions by combining our outstanding delivery capabilities with industry expertise to enable shopping malls, commercial and residential buildings, as well as telecommunication and public utility companies to deliver seamless experience to the modern drivers and capitalize on business opportunities.

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The experience starts with selecting the destination on a mobile app. To avoid the hassle of switching between multiple apps for navigation and parking space reservation throughout their trip, we’ve decided to build a navigation feature right into the platform. Allowing users to enjoy a frictionless experience as they embark on their journey.

Through the use of cloud-enabled IoT sensors, users can easily select and reserve a parking space at the destination. This not only saves time for the user, but also gives the car-park operator access to real-time occupancy data, allowing them to optimize for operation efficiency.

At the destination, drivers with electric vehicles will be able to take advantage of the charging facilities at their reserved parking space. This power source for EVs not only represents a step towards building a cleaner future, but also acts as an intelligent charging network with automated metering and payment systems, so operators can remotely manage usage and billing under multiple subscription and payment models.

Big Data

Finally, with all of the user data feeding into neural networks that power our CRM system, operators gain unprecedented clarity on customer behavior through big-data analytics, allowing them to make informed and automated decisions, incentivizing patrons to spend more at their businesses for increased profitability.

Ordered Sushi
Frequently dines at Japanese restaurants. Likely to travel to Japan for vacation.
Watched Movie
Attended a screening of an Spanish foreigh film. Likely to be interested in the Spanish musician featured in the film
Purchased Camping Equipment
Enjoys the outdoors and leads an active lifestyle. Likely to be interested in a gym membership subscription.
Visited Museum
Shows an appreciation for the arts. Likely to enroll in sculpture workshops.
Used Smart Parking & Charging
Drives an electric vehicle. Likely participate in volunteer work for charities.

Smarter Solutions for Smart Cities

Combining outstanding delivery capability with industry expertise, PCCW Solutions has developed Smart Parking and Charging solution on the world-class Infinitum™ IoT platform that enables businesses to deliver seamless experience to the modern drivers and capitalize on business opportunities. The solution is designed from ground-up to be modular yet integrated, and interoperable. Operators with existing automotive infrastructure could expand their scope of services by simply integrating the automotive APIs without the need to completely overhaul their technology stack.

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